AI Word Cloud Generators

3 Free AI Word Cloud Generators (In-depth Analysis)

What if you have a large volume of data needed to visualize? Artificially intelligent (AI) word clouds take this handy data visualization technique up a notch.

⁤In this post, I’ll guide you through using AI word cloud generators to create your own from scratch, plus the available word cloud powered by AI on the market.

ai word cloud generator

The Differences of AI Word Cloud Generators

“AI” is not a buzzword if you’re thinking they overuse it. With AI, your word cloud will handle data much more intuitively. Let’s see why:

1. Algorithms and Analysis Depth

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): More advanced generators use NLP techniques to identify word relationships, themes, and sentiment. This can lead to more meaningful and insightful word clouds.
  • Phrase and multi-word detection: Some AI generators can detect phrases and group related words together (e.g. “machine learning”), providing a more nuanced view.

2. Customization Options

  • Font, color, shape: Most generators allow you to tweak the look of your word cloud, but the degree of customization varies.
  • Stop words: These are common words like “the,” “and,” “of” that are usually excluded. Some generators give you more control over your stop word list.
  • Word filtering and grouping: Advanced generators might let you manually group words together, filter by part of speech, or apply advanced filters to refine the results.

3. Data Input

  • Text Upload: Nearly all allow you to upload a text file or paste in raw text.
  • URL Input: Some let you analyze text directly from a website by providing its URL.
  • APIs: Developers might be interested in generators that have APIs, allowing them to integrate word cloud creation into other applications.

4. User-Friendliness

  • Interface: Ease of use varies greatly. Some have drag-and-drop interfaces, while others require more technical know-how.
  • Speed: The time it takes to process your text and generate the word cloud can differ depending on the generator’s algorithms and computational power.

5. Cost

  • Free vs. Paid: Several offer basic word cloud generation for free. Paid tiers often unlock more advanced features, greater customization, and the ability to analyze larger amounts of text.

AI Word Cloud Generators – In-depth Analysis

To visualize a large volume of data and come up with an analysis that speaks volumes, here are some of the available AI word cloud generators for you to check out, each comes with its own pros and cons:

1. Word Cloud by VOC AI

a screenshot of Word Cloud by VOC AI

Besides the usual ‘paste to generate’ function, this word cloud also lets you prompt a keyword and it will visualize relevant text stemming from that.

File importYes
Customization (colors, fonts, background)Yes
Frequency calculationYes
Multi-word keywords detectionNo
ExportYes (only PNG)

2. MonkeyLearn AI WordCloud Generator

MonkeyLearn WordCloud Generator

When it comes to the top players in the market, you will have to know MonkeyLearn’s word cloud.

Monkey Learn’s AI features can help you identify the most important topics in a text dataset, track the sentiment of text over time and compare different text datasets.

File importYes
Customization (colors, fonts, background)Yes
Frequency calculationYes
Multi-word keywords detectionYes
ExportYes (SVG, PNG, CSV)

3. Speak AI Word Cloud

a screenshot of Speak AI word cloud

Speak AI is a free online tool that visually represents the most frequent words in a body of text. It can analyze a large body of text, paragraphs, and turn them into word clouds.

File importYes
Customization (colors, fonts, background)No
Frequency calculationNo
Multi-word keywords detectionNo
ExportYes (PNG)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI word cloud generator?

AI word cloud generators are online tools that take a piece of text and turn it into a visual image where the most frequently used words appear larger. Beyond just counting words, AI technology can also analyze the sentiment (positive or negative) or group words by related topics.

How do these tools work differently than a basic word cloud?

A simple word cloud just tells you how many times each word appears. AI word cloud generators do that too, but also provide deeper insights. They might identify the overall feeling of the text, show which words are often used together, and create more visually interesting and informative word clouds.

Can Chatgpt generate a word cloud?

Word cloud creation involves counting word frequencies, analyzing text, and then rendering the words visually. ChatGPT lacks these specialized capabilities, but you can use its help to code a word cloud yourself.