best word cloud generators 2024

Best Word Cloud Generators for Teachers in 2024

Today we’re spilling all the secrets of the top free word cloud generators for teachers just like you to kickstart lessons in 2024.

Are you looking to zap up your lessons and make vocabulary learning even better? Fed up with boring worksheets and struggling to engage students? Well teachers, it’s time to consider using some words on the clouds to save the day. These free word clouds can transform any dry content into visual gold that will have even the most distracted kids say “wow” and “woaah”.

Creating word clouds with is super simple – just paste your text and watch the magic happen! It analyzes words lightning-fast to give you a word art cloud in seconds. With fun themes and full customization, you can make your clouds as creative as you are. Bonus – it works perfectly on any device. This is a teacher’s new best friend for building vocabulary, lessons, and so much more with a visual twist.

a word cloud on


  • Diverse customization options.


  • Not really the best-looking word cloud out there.


WordItOut jumps through hoops to make your life easy. With its huge libraries of topic-specific word lists already at your fingertips, you’ll be ready to spark engaging discussions in no time. Whether for history terms, science vocabulary, or book character names, it has you covered. Generate scatters, puzzles and more – these word cloud generators are jack of all trades that will quickly become your go-to lesson-planning pal.

best word cloud generators for teachers


  • Simple but sleek graphic.


  • More learning curves.


Get out your inner Picasso with WorldArt! Its massive variety of unique backgrounds, from artwork to maps and nature scenes, will transform dull words into visual masterpieces. Kids will be so wrapped up exploring the clouds they won’t even realize they’re learning. Plus it’s super flexible, letting you add classroom themes or holidays for extra memorability. Creativity and learning – a match made in cloud heaven!

a word art from wordart website


  • Supports downloading in multiple formats.


Interactive Word Clouds

If you are presenting to the whole class, there are many fun interactive activities you can show besides ordinary word clouds. If you are like us who feel distressed from having to switch, turn on and off among activities, consider using an all-in-one presentation platform that offers not only word cloud but a wide range of cool features such as polls and quizzes. (Psst: our favorite apps are AhaSlides and Mentimeter)


  • Mentimeter’s interface is relatively easy for newbies to navigate.
  • AhaSlides is like Mentimeter but offers cheaper pricing for educators.


  • Both are not exactly word cloud generators, so consider opting for other tools if you only need simplicity.

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FAQ for Best Word Cloud Generators

Which site can students create word clouds?

The sites we recommend above are all fitting for students to create their word clouds.

What is the best word cloud generator for kids? or Tagxedo have a simple interface for kids to work with.

How to do a free word cloud?

Most of the word cloud websites are free for commercial and non-commercial uses.

Is it word cloud or wordle?

“Word cloud” generally refers to a visual representation of words based on frequency or importance, while “Wordle” specifically refers to the online word puzzle game.