how to use the word scatter generator

How to Use The Word Scatter Generator in 2024

Hey there word lovers, you’re in for a real treat today! We are gonna tell you about this super cool new tool called the Word Scatter Generator.

Rather than just haphazardly tossing words around, this thing strategically spaces them out into a big blank canvas. Then it displays ’em in different-sized fonts so the more frequent words really stand out.

We know arranging scribbles of text may not sound like the most riveting activity ever. But just try it, we promise you’ll be hooked! After playing word wizard with this generator, you’ll never look at a block of writing the same way again.

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What is a Word Scatter Generator?

Word Scatter Generator or Word Cloud Generator is a type of online tool that takes a block of text and creatively rearranges all the words randomly across a canvas in different sizes and colors. 

Words are randomly distributed on the canvas in varying font sizes based on frequency. More common words appear larger.

Less common words are smaller, creating a unique word art/collage aesthetic.

How to Use Word Scatter Generator

You can generate awesome word clouds from texts by following these 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Go to

The Word Cloud Free website is a word scatter generator that allows you to create word clouds effortlessly.

Step 2: Paste the text into the text box

word scatter generator step 2

Make sure to separate the words using a new line, a comma or a semicolon so the tool can detect different words inserted.

Step 3: Click ‘Generate’

word scatter generator step 3

This word scatter tool will display a colorful word cloud that you can use for analysis, brainstorming, inspiration or casual exploration of written works.

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The Benefits of Using a Word Scatter Generator

Do you know this word cloud maker can do wonders? Here are some key benefits:

  • It generates new perspectives. Rearranging text non-linearly helps you view ideas from different angles and make unexpected connections.
  • It emphasizes patterns/themes. Large, colorful words stand out, allowing high-level concepts to catch your eye more readily.
  • It stimulates creative thinking. The abstract remixing encourages your mind to form novel associations and think “outside the box”.
  • It aids in writing/brainstorming. Scattered words can motivate new threads of thought to spur original content creation.
  • It analyzes text visually. See relationships, popular topics, and outliers at a glance through the scatter’s word frequency and proximity.
  • It’s fun and shareable. It makes dense info more digestible and promotes exploration in an unconventional, almost artistic way.
  • It’s free and easy to use. Our generator requires only copying text with no downloads or setup—simplifying analysis.
  • It’s applicable to any subject. From poems to research papers, scattered text opens new avenues for insights across bridges.

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We hope you’ve had as much fun scattering some words and exploring this new tool!

Whether you used the generator for school papers, hobbies, or just for giggles, we are sure you discovered some insights you never would’ve reached by conventional reading alone. And isn’t finding fresh perspectives basically the most exciting part about learning?


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