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Free Word Clouds for Kids to Use in Class (+Guide!) 2024

Hey parents and teachers! Are you looking for fun new ways to get kids excited about reading, writing and vocabulary? Word clouds for kids are here to save the day.

Word clouds may seem like a boring ol’ data visualization at first, but let me tell you – when made kid-friendly, they become an instant hit in the classroom. All those colorful words arranged in different sizes? Your littles will be mesmerized, I promise.

Luckily, creating word clouds for kids doesn’t need to be high-tech or time-consuming. All you need is some inspiration for the right words and a free online tool. In this post, I’ll give you everything you need to get started making word art that kids of all ages will love.

The Benefits of Word Clouds for Kids

You’re probably wondering how exactly these weird little word pictures will benefit our kids, right? Well let me tell you, word clouds are really fun and informative!

For one thing, kids are super visual learners. So being able to see vocabulary words in different sizes really helps the information stick better. It makes learning feel more like a game too. If flashcards are not their forte, a colorful word cloud can take over their hearts.

Speaking of vocabulary, word clouds are great for introducing new words to kids in a low-pressure way. When words are just floating around having fun, kids feel comfortable sounding them out without worry. It plants the seeds for future learning.

I also love how word clouds show relationships between ideas. Bigger words are more important concepts, and kids start to notice patterns just by looking. This early exploration boosts skills like critical thinking and communication.

Kids get to flex their creative muscles too. Helping design word clouds fosters imagination and gets them invested in the learning process. Who doesn’t want to move words around and pick fun colors and fonts?

word clouds for kids

Free Word Clouds for Kids to Use

Here are some great kid-friendly options for creating word clouds online:

WordItOut (worditout.com) – This simple tool lets kids type in words and features a large font selection. They can drag words around with the mouse.

WordCloudArt (wordart.com) – Kids can draw their own cloud shapes or select pre-made ones. Fun for visual learners.

WordCloud (wordclouds.com) – Lots of layouts and background images to pick from. Kids can easily upload their own pictures too.

WordCloudFree (wordcloudfree.com) – Generates cloud from word searches kids create. Captures their interests.

ABCya! Cloud Maker (www.abcya.com) – Geared towards younger kids with images from themes like animals, and holidays.

Wordle (wordle.net) – Iconic clouds that can be handwritten on an iPad. Interactive.

Piktochart (piktochart.com) – Teachers can make multi-step projects here. Kids enjoy customizing.

Tagxedo (www.tagxedo.com) – The playful interface works on tablets. Kids just type and see results.

BubbleCloud App (bubblecloudapp.com) – Intuitive drawing/editing for classrooms on shared devices.

I’d recommend Tagul, Wordle or BubbleCloud for individual creations and Piktochart for collaborative projects. Hope this gives kids some fun options!

How to Organize a Word Cloud Activity with Kids

Pick an age-appropriate theme. This could be things they’re learning about, interests, books, seasons etc.

Brainstorm words as a group. Write them on the board for visual learners. Go over any new vocabulary.

Have kids work individually or in small groups to generate their cloud using one of the recommended online tools.

Set a time limit like 15-20 minutes to complete the cloud and keep them engaged.

Once done, have kids present their cloud to the class. They can explain word choices and design elements.

Print out the best clouds in large size to display in the classroom for further discussion.

As an extension, have kids search for words in the clouds and compare sizes. This reinforces the visual relationships.

For assessment, kids can discuss the most common important words that kept appearing largest.

Keep a class word cloud running all year, adding to it regularly to track interests and learning.

Older kids can try generating clouds from texts or stories read as a comprehension exercise.

Final Words

Well kids, parents and teachers – we’ve come to the end of our word cloud adventure! I hope you’re all feeling inspired to get creative with these visual vocab lists.

Just remember, the possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing clouds that spark curiosity in little learners’ heads. Whether it’s themes from the latest classroom unit, favorite books, hobbies, or upcoming holidays, your kids’ interests are sure to shine through if you let them take the reins.

And don’t forget, making word clouds is about so much more than just looking at words. It cultivates important skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration and communication too. How cool is that?


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  2. Your article helped me a lot, is there any more related content? Thanks!

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